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The practice in Taoists schools is based on the work with internal strength, energy  and spirit- THREE TREASURE OF IMMORTALS and a martial art is understand as AN ART OF INTERACTION OF PARTNERS LOOKING FOR THE TRUTH which is devoid of  aggression and negative emotions or changing them creatively to positive ones.
The result of accumulating and clearing of three treasure is the phenomenon which was called fostering of Nature and Essence and could lead to such serious results which permit to speak about personal immortality. Three treasures are connected with three bases of human beeing: strength of spirit (mind and wisdom), energy and strength of intention (internal strength).
These three strengths are symbolized by three types of weapon traditional for each school: straight sword (Jien) is a symbol of spirit, curved sword (Tao) is a symbol of energy, spear is a symbol of intellect or intention.
All Taiji-quan techniques are arranged so to gather physical and mental  (natural and essential) human strength and lead it to harmony. Healing effect of training is a result of restoration of personal internal (energy) sphere. The ability to keep the integrity of external and internal spheres in martial practice is a base of tactics of fighting connected with the foundation of techniques. Tactics is generally based on using partner's mistakes and directed to break his balance. The united sphere repeal all attacks and redirect them back, an opponent loses his balance, his aggressive intentions loose theirs strength and change.

HsingI-quan pay special attention to the power of intention. 
Baguazhang  - to work with energy of symbols and internal states
Training results are similar in spite of particular differences of these systems. Spirit, energy and internal strength gathered and cleared give joy, inspiration and sense of life to adepts following the Warrior Way and to many people around him. The internal  structures, ability to perception and comprehension of information are restored. A person begins feeling himself young, ready to begin every day new life and at the same time- wise person stable following it's life way. 


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