A short history of Taiji - Chen family

All objective principles of internal and external motions- motions of thought, energy and body are combined in Taijiquan ("Fist of Great Limit") art. It's a system of theory and practice of deep internal changes which develops natural human abilities until theirs limits and leading him to maximum accordance with his own sense of life.

Wushu schools of this type are called "internal". They connected historically with taoiste tradition, "internal" for China, signs of which were revealed in ancient times as separate exercises and differed from Shaolin  school, generally formed by Bodhidharma - preacher of Buddhism from India i.e. "external" tradition for China. 

May be shaolin school is called external as it was introduced to China from India only two thousand years ago (if compare with five thousand years history of Chinese civilization).
Internal schools, to which experience we apply as the most deep and effective, from our point of view, connected with the taoiste tradition which is originally Chinese that means internal. The founder of this school is considered a legendary person Zhang San Feng (13century). 
Taiji-quan system in the aspect known for us was formed by the founder of Chen - 
Chen Bu family who settled in ravine Chenjiagou on16 century  .
A representative of sixteenth generation Chen Xin (1849-1929) within twelve years created the most important and fundamental research of Taiji-quan theory  ("Chenshi taijiquan tuhua jiangyi" - an illustrative summary of Taiji-quan system Chen school) where he generalized the experience of previous generations of Chen family.

Nowadays at the beginning of 21 century the 20-th generation of Chen’s family prosper and improve the school. These are young people at the age from 4 to 25 years. Their parents, representatives of 19-th generation, are about sixty years old. Four grandmasters i.e. the masters who made a valuable contribution to the development and dissemination of school ideas. They are - Chen Xiao Wang, Chen Zhen Lei , Wang Xi An and Zhu Tian Cai



Chen Xiaowang
Chen Zhen Lei
Wang Xi An
Zhu Tian Cai
About 60 thousand men all over the world took part in the seminars of Chen Xiao Wang.
Chen Zhen Lei conducts seminars in many countries. He is school director in Chenjiagou. 
Wang Xi An is director of the biggest research institute of Chen style which is located not far from Chenjiagou. 
These masters have traditional titles of "Taiji Tigers".
In time the tradition parted for five big directions existing now. 
There are Yang, Sun, Wu, Wu (hao) except Chen style.
It's very good noticed the resemblance (unity) of structures of based forms (Taolu) of these schools. 
It means that they are of one source. But also there are differences in the types to perform 
exercises in these schools that reveal distinctions of styles of work with internal effort or energy. 
The HsingI-quan and Baguazhang schools had a parallel development with this ones. 
According to some written sources Baguazhang history counts at least 200 years, HsingI-quan -700 years.

Here is one of the famous lines of transmission of HsingI -Bagua's tradition:
Ji Long Feng  – Tai Long Bang– Li Ruo Neng –  Lu Chi Lang – Lu Zun Yi  – Lu Bao Chang
 –  Chen Ji Ye.

Master Chen Ji Ye has been teaching in St. Petersburg since1995.

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