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Tao is eternal, but has no fame (name); The Uncarved Block, though seemingly of small account, Is greater than anything that is under heaven. [DDJ I-32]

The Internal Art is a term coming from old Chinese tradition first of all connected with the internal styles of Chinese martial schools formed on the base of taoist tradition by XVI-XVII centuries. The peculiarity of internal styles is using of Internal or Long effort. The aim of training is a human healing through the cleaning of spirit, energy, internal power and accumulation of these three true treasures. There are regular trainings and seminars by the next disciplines:
Chen style Taijiquan,
Taiji-tuishou, Baguazhang, Taoying, Qigong

The Program of training.


1. Zhangzhuang qigong system of body constructing according to the principle of nine controls and three connections.
2. Changsigong qigong of silk reeling.
3. Yin -Yang Qigong, system for condensing energies.
4. Six healing sounds- system for cleaning energy of internal organs.
5. Taiji-qigong. Long (1,5 hours) sequense of exercises for all body.
6. Qigong for improvement of sight.
7. Qigong for regulation (diminution) of weight.
8. Silent sitting system of contemplation.
9. Taoyin and other techniques of Microcosmic orbit. The system restoring balance of energy and raising potential of energy.

Nineteen forms.
Laojia (old frame- eighty two forms).
Xingjia (new frame)
Laojia Paochui (old succession of explosive blows)
Xingjia Paochui.
Forms with weapon (saber, straight sword, spear, twin swords).

Basic forms for one hand, for two hands, fixed and moving, Dalu.
Free-style wrestling fixed and moving.
The training are conducted by
Andrey Serednyakov (Chen Xiaowang direct lineage)

You can join the groups by the phones:
Phone: + 7 921 575 49 81


Gym hall near metro station "Sportivnaya ":
Monday 7:00-9:30 p.m. Qigong
Wednesday 7:00-9:30 p.m. Chen styleTaijiquan
Friday 7:00-9:30 p.m. Tuishou
Tuesday, Thursday 7:00-9:30 p.m.Chen style Taijiquan

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