The Internal Arts Research Institute
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Short IARI history.

Public organization The Internal Arts Research Institute exists from 1996 year.
It has direct creative contacts with The Taijiquan Federation  of Europe,  The World Taiji and Chen style Association of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang,  Chenjiagou Wushu Institute and the others.
The specialists with 20 years experience of activity in different areas work in the Organization. 
IARI conduct regular trainings which essence is gathering and cleaning of three treasures: internal power, energy and spirit

 During the existence of the Organization its members have been taking part in the following competitions: 
- The International Festival of Martial Arts "Free Russia" St.Petersburg-96 and 98years. (prizes places), IFMA-99 refereeing in  taijiquan and traditional wushu nominations 
- seminar of healing and martial gym in Russian Cyprus School (Limassol  96, 97 years) 
- European Taiji - Forum (Hungary, July 97.), 
- organization and conducting of the first Eastern-Europe Taiji- Forum (St. Petersburg- October 97) 
- seminar by the healing and martial Wushu gyms in children healing center of Moscow district (St. Petersburg, summer 97) 
- Qigong seminar in the theme of Games of Volga region folks (Tcherepovets, July 98) 
- seminar by healing aspects of Wushu for children - methodical center of Kirishi (autumn,98) 
- First public Championship in traditional Chinese and Vietnam schools of St.Petersburg (6th December 98year) 


 -     International training camp of police tactic of defense (Poland, July 99)

-     First International Taoists camp of Chen style (Slovenia, July 99)
- III European Taiji-qigong Forum (Budapest, July 99) 
-  Annual Festival of French Federation of Taijiquan and Qigong (26.09.99, Paris) 
- II Open Championship in traditional Wushu of St. Petersburg (21.11.99, prizes places)

- International Festival of Internal Arts (St. Petersburg 20-21 of May 2000,  prizes places)

Grandmasters Chen Xiaowang seminars (98-2003)

 VI International Taijiquan Festival in Chenjiagou (August of 2000, two golden medals)

First public Russian Championship in traditional Wushu,   (St.Petersburg-2001, golden and silver medals)
- The Cup of Moscow in Taijiquan- Moscow, March of 2002, prizes places. 
-  The Cup of Russia in taiji-tuishou Sochi, May of 2002 second place (Malikov) 
-  European Championship in internal arts- Denmark, October 2002, second place in taiji-tuishou (Serednyakov). 
- The 1st Scandinavian Open Taijiquan &Internal arts championships, October 2003, prizes places 

You can read about activity of IARI in the following magazines and newspapers: "Peterburgsky rinok" (St.Petersburgs  market) N6(26) 1998,
"Supercompass"N 302 1997. (Bulgaria, Balkan countries), "Vesty s Kipra"  (News of Cyprus) N 53(71) 06.12.97. (Cyprus)," Nevskoe vremya" (Neva time) N137(2017)24.07.99 N161(2283) 6/9/2000, "Obrazovanie y bizness" (Education and business) N8(11)-11(14), " Tainy sovetnik" (Secret adviser) N9 June 2000, 
"Le Yi magazine FTCCG" (France) N10, 09.99.




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